How to Become OET Trainer

If you’re passionate about helping people succeed and make their dreams come true, then becoming an OET Preparation Provider is probably the right choice. Have you ever wondered what’s involved in offering prep courses for the Occupational English Test?

To become an OET trainer, you need to have successfully completed the OET Preparation Provider/Trainer program. The Preparation Provider program is open to individuals who meet the minimum education and experience requirements.

How To Become OET Trainer

If you’re ready to add OET Preparation to your school, either in person or online, then everything you need to know about getting ready for your first class is right here.

What is an OET trainer?

An OET trainer is someone who helps students prepare for and pass the Occupational English Test. They typically have experience teaching the test and certification from an accredited training provider.

These individuals work with students choosing to pursue work or education in the health care field and need a higher level of English than other occupations.

An OET trainer is officially called a preparation provider. Since communication in health care is critical to outcomes and success, there are minimum requirements to meet before you can apply for the Provider training.

What Are The Minimum Requirements to Become an OET Trainer?

OET uses the same minimum standards for teaching qualifications set by education quality assurance providers. To be eligible to participate in the Preparation Provider Program (PPP), you must possess :

  • A Degree: You need to have an acceptable degree or the equivalent in your country
  • TESOL: A certificate or other qualification that is from a recognized program for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • Practicum: This includes six hours of teaching experience, using the TESOL qualification, to actual students, in an authentic learning environment.

The PPP is designed for people who already possess the qualifications of a teacher or tutor. Large and small organizations can benefit from an on-site OET program, so adding this qualification to your programming could make you a more attractive candidate.

What is the Preparation Provider Program?

The Preparation Provider Program or PPP is the training offered by The course is entirely online and is self-directed learning. This means you can learn at your own pace while still being able to take care of your family and other commitments.

Completing the PPP is a worthwhile process. However, it is a significant time investment. There are two levels available – preliminary and premium. Here’s how much learning time you’ll need for each section:

  • Preliminary Provider Status: 25 hours
  • Premium Provider Status: 15 hours

Remember that these are only estimates, and you could need more or less time to complete the course.

There are benefits to progressing to the premium level. To access the premium level, you need first to pass the preliminary courses with a good grade. Still, only the initial preliminary modules are necessary to become an OET trainer.

What is the Preliminary Training Like for OET Tutors?

The initial, or preliminary training, is three modules. You should plan for about 25 hours of study time here.

During the first module, you’ll watch a brief introductory video. There will be a short quiz to complete. To gain access to the next module, your TESOL certificate must be uploaded and valid by the end of this module.

In the second module, three videos cover the basics of OET and how the tests are scored. After each video, you’ll be expected to complete a quiz.

In the third and last module, there are nine videos. These videos are much more in-depth and provide details on teaching methods, best practices, the 4 types of OET tests, and how to handle everyday difficulties with your students. Again, after each video is a quiz.

In order to pass the quizzes and progress to the next level, all quiz answers must be correct. You do get multiple attempts at each quiz, but perfection can be difficult to achieve. Even though it’s self-directed learning, it’s still essential to block off your study time, minimize interruptions and pay attention to the lesson materials.

What Are the Benefits of Premium Provider Training

This section of the training has two modules. It’s an optional add-on and not needed to be a designated provider. Even though it’s optional since there are benefits, it’s worthwhile. Some of the benefits include:

  • A Premium Provider Logo: You can use this logo on your website, marketing materials, and class handouts. It identifies you as someone who has advanced OET training.
  • Website Listing: You’ll be listed on the OET website as a Premium Provider
  • Marketing Toolbox: You’ll have access to a selection of marketing materials designed to support your business as a Preparation Provider.
  • Email Distribution: Your business may be promoted to test candidates through OET’s email campaigns.

As you can tell, there are benefits to choosing the Premium option. This section is an additional 15 hours or so of study time. However, more test candidates choose Premium providers than not, so it’s worth the extra time.

What’s In the Optional Premium Training?

The fourth module (but the first in the premium training) covers the testing experience. It offers a more in-depth look at the details of an Occupational English Test. That’s right – your in-depth testing experience comes from taking the OET test yourself.

What better way to understand how to help your students than putting yourself in their shoes? After completing (and hopefully passing) the OET, you’ll have the chance to reflect on and review this lived experience.

Thankfully, you’re not expected to complete a quiz during this module.

The fifth and final module focuses on class materials, developing lesson plans, and consolidating everything from the first four modules into a classroom setting. Again, there’s no quiz in this last module. However, you’ll need to submit your lessons and other resources for grading.

Which institute is best for OET Training?

Officially, OET training is only available through the official OET organization. Once you’ve completed your training, you (or your organization) will become part of the published list of authorized providers.

Other businesses may claim to provide this information, and they may also claim to be official. It’s essential to do your due diligence. OET training is a significant investment of your time and money. By making sure you’ve chosen the official program, you’ll be making a worthwhile investment to grow your skills.

It may be tempting to choose a different group at a lower cost to learn more about becoming an OET Trainer. Using an unofficial training program could negatively affect your students and business, so it’s wise to be cautious.

Becoming an OET Preparation Provider

If you’re looking for a way to help students prepare for the OET, becoming an OET Preparation Provider may be the best choice for you.

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